Feature Roadmap

To improve visibility about our development plans we share our outline plans for the release roadmap. It is intended to be indicative only and should not be relied on for your product planning. If you have requirements for specific features please get in contact with us to discuss your needs.

We continually listen to feedback from our users to help guide our prioritisation and would love to hear your thoughts on what you would like to see us delivering.

Coming Soon

Fiducials API

What: Fiducials API will enable the detection, labelling and querying of visual fiducials.

Why: In some environments, fiducials may be placed or already exist with known real-world locations. With this API this information can be exploited by the SLAM system to improve robustness, accuracy and reliability.

Anchors API

What: Anchors API will enable the placing of items into the map system.

Why: Users may have objects or areas in the environment that are important and need to be stored and queried live.

Continuous Calibration

What: Continuous Calibration provides live camera calibration for long term stability.

Why: Calibration can drift over time due to environmental or operational reasons, so this needs to be taken into account for long term stability.


  • Multi-camera systems - support more than a single stereo-pair

  • Pose Covariance - expose the estimated covariance for improved integration

  • GPS - integration of GPS for outdoor applications

  • RealSense D457 - support industrial focused RealSense variant

  • Session updating - enable the merging and updating of sessions for long term deployments

  • Yocto Linux - support for running on custom Linux builds