RealSense Configuration


The RealSense presets are only available for camera firmware version and above. See how to update the firmware under the Unsupported D435i/D455 camera firmware section of our Troubleshooting page.

The default RealSense configuration file is installed under the /usr/share/slamcore/presets/depth_preset.json path. The following parameters can be used to change the configuration of the RealSense sensor stream. You may use this when recording sequences or when running live.


Default Value








  • AutoExposureLimit
    • Type: Float

    • Default: 8000

    • Description: Specifies the auto-exposure limit in microseconds. Change this to reduce IR bleed (projection of IR pattern on the image see troubleshooting). A useful range for 60 Hz interleaved mode is 1000-8000 μs.

  • DepthPreset
    • Type: String

    • Default: "high_accuracy"

    • Description: Changes the RealSense depth preset. See RealSense’s User Guide for details on the depth presets.

    • Options:
      • "default" (Default)

        This is the default RealSense depth setting.

      • "high_accuracy"

        High confidence threshold value of depth, producing a more accurate depth map but with lower fill factor. As such, the depth map may be less complete at areas of low confidence.