File transformation_sample.hpp

Types used across the API - transformation sample.

namespace slamcore

Helper conversion methods

slamcore::ImageFormat \(\leftrightarrow\) BytesPerChannel

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class TransformationSample : public StaticPoseInterface
#include <transformation_sample.hpp>

Simple class for providing transformations.

Public Functions

virtual ~TransformationSample()
TransformationSample(const TransformationSample &other) = delete
TransformationSample(TransformationSample &&other) noexcept
TransformationSample &operator=(const TransformationSample &other) = delete
TransformationSample &operator=(TransformationSample &&other) noexcept
TransformationSample(const StaticPoseInterface &other)
virtual const Vector<double, 4> &getRotation() const final override

Returns the rotation part - Quaternion X,Y,Z,W.

virtual const Vector<double, 3> &getTranslation() const final override

Returns the translation vector part.

void setValue(const Vector<double, 3> &t, const Vector<double, 4> &r)

Sets the value.

  • t – Translation vector (X,Y,Z)

  • r – Rotation quaternion (X,Y,Z,W)

virtual bool haveCovarianceMatrix() const final override

Check first if the covariance matrix is provided.

virtual const Matrix<double, 6, 6> &getCovariance() const final override

Returns the covariance matrix - pose uncertainty.

virtual const ReferenceFrame &getChildReferenceFrame() const final override

Returns the frame of reference the pose defines

Private Members

std::unique_ptr<Pimpl> m_pimpl