You’re reading an older version of the Slamcore SDK documenation. The latest one is 23.04.

Slamcore Session Explorer


Slamcore SDK v23.01 brings several breaking changes, one of them being the session file format. Session files (.session) generated using older software versions (v21.06) will no longer be usable with v23.01 and above. You may use the new software to generate a new session file if you have retained the original dataset.

Please contact, providing your Slamcore account email address, if you require access to the v21.06 SDK packages and its supporting documentation to use in conjunction with your old session files.

The Slamcore Session Explorer provides a visual interface to interact with the session map saved from the SLAM runs. It can be used to view information about the map loaded, view or update a height or occupancy map and export the map.


To use the Session Explorer, you must first create a session containing a height/occupancy map, according to the 2D Occupancy Mapping Tutorial.


To launch the Session Explorer tool, run:

$ slamcore_session_explorer

On the top menu bar, select File and Open and choose the .session file to load.


Fig. 13 Slamcore Session Explorer - User Interface

On the Left Sidebar, choose between the Height Map and Occupancy Map channels to view the respective maps.

For navigation purposes, the occupancy map might need manual editing to fill in unmapped areas and/or remove or add obstacles. The Slamcore Session Explorer tool allows you to update the occupancy map in the session file.

With the Occupancy Map channel selected, you may tweak the occupancy map extraction method using the From height map button.

Alternatively, you may edit the pixels manually. First, Select File and Export occupancy png. Edit the 8-bit Grayscale PNG in an external image editing tool (e.g. GIMP - Use the Pencil Tool). Then using the blue From File button in the Session Explorer Tool, import the edited map image to replace the existing one in the session file.


The Session Explorer tool does not support other image formats, a different image size or resolution, soft edges, or additional colours and values.

Once satisfied with the map, select File and Save .session to save the session map, which can be used in ROS for navigation.


More description regarding the methods and options is given in The Application Section, and a detailed tutorial is provided in 2D Occupancy Mapping to guide you through the process of preparing the occupancy map for navigation use.

The Application


Fig. 14 Slamcore Session Explorer - Menus

Top Menu Bar


  • Open: Open a .session file that contains a height map

  • Save .session: Save a session file after updating the map

  • Export occupancy png: Export a .png occupancy map image

  • Export height ply: (Experimental Feature) Export the height map as a .ply file, which can be viewed 3D programs such as MeshLab.

  • Quit: Quit the application.


  • Camera: Orbit view enables 3D camera control, while Top Down view gives an aerial view of the map.

  • Fit in Window: Reset the map to fit in the viewer window.


  • Control: Description of the keyboard and mouse controls for the application.

  • Settings: Show a square grid and change the grid size (width) and cell size (spacing).

  • About: Version and licensing information.

Command-Line Options

At start-up, the Slamcore Session Explorer accepts the following command-line options:


Print this help message and exit

-l,--load-session :FILE

Path to the .session file to load