You’re reading an older version of the Slamcore SDK documenation. The latest one is 23.04.

Struct slamcore::v0::SystemConfiguration

struct SystemConfiguration

Configuration for the system.

The Mode member sets the positioning mode:

Public Members

std::vector<DataSource> Sources

Input data source for SLAM.

std::string DatasetPath

Path to a dataset if DataSource::Dataset is set.

double DatasetTimeScale = -1.0

Time scale for dataset reader. For real-time processing set to 1. If <= 0 It will process the dataset as fast as possible.

int DeviceID = 0

Device index for a camera device.

std::string ConfigFilePath

Path to a preset configuration file (optional)

bool DisableSLAM = false

Disable SLAM, just pass the data from the camera.

PositioningMode Mode = PositioningMode::SLAM

Positioning mode to use.

std::string LoadSessionFilePath

Session file to load (path)

bool GenerateMap = false

Generate height map in the session file.

std::map<SensorIDT, bool> SensorEnableMap

Which sensors to enable/disable (e.g. depth, color, wheel odometry)

std::string DatasetWritePath

Path to write dataset (if any)

std::string ClientAppVersion

Version string of the client app.