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File measurement_point.hpp

Core API objects - measurement point.

namespace slamcore

Main namespace for the Slamcore public API

Helper conversion methods

slamcore::ImageFormat \(\leftrightarrow\) BytesPerChannel

Get information about the client library

template<typename ClockT>
class MeasurementPoint : public FixedMeasurementPoint
#include <measurement_point.hpp>

Common interface for measurement data (e.g. images or IMU samples).

Subclassed by PoseInterface< ClockT >, VelocityInterface< ClockT >

Unnamed Group

inline IDT getID() const

Measurement ID, can be just sample counter.

inline void setID(const IDT v)

Unnamed Group

inline time_point getHWTimestamp() const

The measurement acquisition timestamp (sensor HW clock).

inline void setHWTimestamp(const time_point &ts)

Unnamed Group

inline host_time_point getAcquisitionTimestamp() const

The measurement acquisition timestamp (remote OS clock).

inline void setAcquisitionTimestamp(const host_time_point &ts)

Unnamed Group

inline host_time_point getSourceAcquisitionTimestamp() const

The acquisition timestamp of this measurement

inline void setSourceAcquisitionTimestamp(const host_time_point &ts)

Public Types

using clock_t = ClockT
using time_point = typename ClockT::time_point
using duration = typename ClockT::duration
using host_time_point = host_clock::time_point

Public Functions

MeasurementPoint() = default
inline MeasurementPoint(IDT id, SensorIDT sid, const time_point &hw_timestamp, const host_time_point &acquisition_timestamp, const host_time_point &source_acquisition_timestamp, const ReferenceFrame &referenceFrame)

Private Members

IDT m_id = {0}
time_point m_timestamp_hw
host_time_point m_timestamp_acq
host_time_point m_timestamp_source_acq