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File fixed_measurement_point.hpp

Core API objects - fixed measurement point.

namespace slamcore

Main namespace for the Slamcore public API

Helper conversion methods

slamcore::ImageFormat \(\leftrightarrow\) BytesPerChannel

Get information about the client library

class FixedMeasurementPoint
#include <fixed_measurement_point.hpp>

Common interface for non-temporal metadata

Subclassed by MeasurementPoint< camera_clock >, MeasurementPoint< gps_clock >, MeasurementPoint< imu_clock >, MeasurementPoint< lidar_clock >, MeasurementPoint< odometry_clock >, MeasurementPoint< ClockT >, StaticPoseInterface

Unnamed Group

inline SensorIDT getSensorID() const

ID of the measurement source, for example sensor number.

inline void setSensorID(const SensorIDT v)

Unnamed Group

inline const ReferenceFrame &getReferenceFrame() const

Reference frame of a sample.

inline void setReferenceFrame(const ReferenceFrame &rf)

Public Functions

FixedMeasurementPoint() = default
inline FixedMeasurementPoint(SensorIDT sid, const ReferenceFrame &rf)

Private Members

SensorIDT m_sid = {SensorType::Count, 0}
ReferenceFrame m_referenceFrame