You’re reading an older version of the Slamcore SDK documenation. The latest one is 23.04.

Class slamcore::TrackingStatusListInterface

class TrackingStatusListInterface

Tracking Status List Interface.

Public Types

using Ptr = std::shared_ptr<std::vector<TrackingStatus>>
using CPtr = std::shared_ptr<const std::vector<TrackingStatus>>
using value_type = TrackingStatus
using iterator = RangeIterator<TrackingStatusListInterface>

Public Functions

virtual ~TrackingStatusListInterface() = default
virtual std::size_t size() const = 0

Returns the number of Tracking Status.

inline const value_type &operator[](std::size_t i) const

Convenient access to Tracking Status at index i.

inline const value_type &operator()(std::size_t i) const
inline const value_type &get(std::size_t i) const
inline iterator begin() const

For range for loops.

inline iterator end() const
virtual const value_type *data() const = 0

Read-only access to the underlying array of Tracking Status.