You’re reading an older version of the Slamcore SDK documenation. The latest one is 23.04.

SLAMcore Scripts

The scripts are installed via the SLAMcore C++ API package for your chosen platforms. There is one script available:


Plot Trajectory is a simple script that allows plotting and visualisation of the 3D trajectories exported from SLAMcore software.


Fig. 16 Plot Trajectory Script


The Python3 script uses the matplotlib and numpy library. To install these dependencies, first ensure Python and pip are installed on your system.

# check Python version and installation
$ python --version

# check pip
$ pip -V

# install Matplotlib
$ pip install matplotlib

# install numpy
$ pip install numpy


To plot trajectories, run the following:

$ python /usr/src/slamcore/examples/ <path/to/CSV/file/1>
<path/to/CSV/file/2> ...

You may save or interactive with the plot using the UI buttons for matplotlib.

Command-Line Options

At start-up, the SLAMcore Dataset Processor accepts the following command-line options:


show this help message and exit


the path to the SLAMcore trajectory CSV files to plot