You’re reading an older version of the Slamcore SDK documenation. The latest one is 23.04.

RealSense Configuration


The RealSense presets are only available for camera firmware version and above. See how to Install the Camera Firmware.

The default RealSense configuration file is installed under the /usr/share/slamcore/presets/depth_preset.json path. The following parameters can be used to change the configuration of the RealSense sensor stream. You may use this when recording sequences or when running live.


Default Value








  • AutoExposureLimit
    • Type: Float

    • Default: None

    • Description: Specifies the auto-exposure limit in microseconds. Change this to reduce IR bleed (projection of IR pattern on the image see Troubleshooting). A useful range for 60 Hz interleaved mode is 1000-8000 μs.

  • DepthPreset
    • Type: String

    • Default: "high_accuracy"

    • Description: Changes the RealSense depth preset. See RealSense’s User Guide for details on the depth presets.

    • Options:
      • "high_accuracy" (Default)

        High confidence threshold value of depth, producing a more accurate depth map but with lower fill factor. As such, the depth map may be less complete at areas of low confidence.

      • "default"

        Recommended if the depth map built using the high_accuracy depth preset looks incomplete and is sub-optimal for height/occupancy map generation.