You’re reading an older version of the Slamcore SDK documenation. The latest one is 23.04.

Struct slamcore::MultiSessionID

struct MultiSessionID

ID for objects that can come from different sessions.

Public Types

using ValueT = int64_t

Public Functions

inline MultiSessionID()
inline MultiSessionID(const SessionIDT sid, const ValueT id)
MultiSessionID(const MultiSessionID &rhs) = default
MultiSessionID(MultiSessionID &&rhs) = default
MultiSessionID &operator=(MultiSessionID &&rhs) = default
MultiSessionID &operator=(const MultiSessionID &rhs) = default
inline ValueT value() const

Returns the zero-based index or -1 for the special case MultiFrameID.

inline SessionIDT session() const

Get the session ID.

Public Static Attributes

static constexpr SessionIDT s_invalidSession = std::numeric_limits<SessionIDT>::max()


inline friend std::ostream &operator<<(std::ostream &os, const MultiSessionID &v)