You’re reading an older version of the Slamcore SDK documenation. The latest one is 23.04.

File objects.cpp

Core API objects implementation.

struct Pimpl

Public Members

IDT m_id = 0
SensorIDT m_sid = SensorIDT(SensorType::Odometry, 0)
time_point m_timestamp_hw = time_point(std::chrono::nanoseconds(0))
host_time_point m_timestamp_acq = host_time_point(std::chrono::nanoseconds(0))
host_time_point m_timestamp_source_acq = host_time_point(std::chrono::nanoseconds(0))
DummyReferenceFrame m_referenceFrame
DummyReferenceFrame m_childReferenceFrame
Vector m_translation
Vector m_rotation
Matrix m_covariance
namespace slamcore

Main namespace for the SLAMcore public API

Get information about the client library

Helper conversion methods

slamcore::ImageFormat \(\leftrightarrow\) BytesPerPixel

class DummyReferenceFrame : public ReferenceFrameInterface

Public Functions

virtual ~DummyReferenceFrame() = default
inline virtual const std::string &name() const

Human readable name for the frame of reference

Private Members

std::string m_dummy = ""