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Class slamcore::SLAMSubsystemAccessInterface

class SLAMSubsystemAccessInterface

Subsystem access interface.

Subclassed by SLAMSystemInterface

Check if subsystem is supported.

virtual bool isSubsystemSupported(const SubsystemType st) const = 0

Check if the given SubsystemType is supported


st – SubsystemType to check.

template<typename ST>
inline bool isSubsystemSupported()

Get Subsystem interface.

template<typename ST>
inline std::shared_ptr<const ST> getSubsystem() const
template<typename ST>
inline std::shared_ptr<ST> getSubsystem()
virtual SubsystemInterface::CPtr getSubsystemImpl(const SubsystemType st) const = 0
virtual SubsystemInterface::Ptr getSubsystemImpl(const SubsystemType st) = 0

Public Functions

virtual ~SLAMSubsystemAccessInterface() = default